1959 MGA Twin Cam. Special factory order in black with green interior, and competition seats. Registered in February in Birmingham.

Purchased in 2002 from an ex-military officer in Portsmouth. The car had been languishing in his garden for over 30 years since it had been crashed in the late 1970s. Back on the road since 2008 this car has done over 20,000 miles since its restoration, and was used to take us through Europe down to Rome and back again in 2012.

When we picked up the car it was in quite a sorry state to say the least. The chassis was rusted through and the body work would need many hours of painstaking restoration as well as many new and replacement parts.

This was our first full Twin Cam restoration so we started by painstakingly dismantling everything and sorting through all the individual parts, making a list of all the items we could salvage and also all of the replacements that we would require.

It was over 18months before we had completed the chassis renovation, and paired it temporarily with a standard pushrod MGA engine so that we could start to move onto the next phase of the build.

The bodywork was carefully restored where possible – replacement panels were sourced where required – as due to the huge amount of decay not all wings were salvageable. The car was dipped and stripped, and Electrophoretic deposition (EPD treatment) was applied ... A Cathodic Epoxy E Coat Primer to protect the car from rusting.

The car was then taken to be professionally painted, which took over 3 months, but the quality was outstanding. Its now over 10 years later and the paint is still holding a deep glossy shine, and rich deep black colour.

It was over 2 years after we started this project that the original Twin Cam engine was re-united with the chassis.

Finally, after 3 years, we were able to put her back on the road, as our first fully restored MGA Twin Cam. This car was what gave us the MGA bug, and started us on our journey of the past 15 years of restoring many more of these special cars.

In 2012 we got married and our wedding car, and honeymoon car was this lovely MG. We drive through Europe, crossing the Alps, and then into Italy where we completed a tour of the beautiful countryside. She never skipped and beat and has been 100% reliable.

Whilst we were restoring YM1/1472, we also started to research her history and we discovered that she had been raced in her past life. Any more information we can find out about her history we would be very interested to receive. Please do contact us if you know any more.